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Zarrin Baft Alborz Company holds various certificates, ensuring the quality and compliance of its products with international standards

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Angora wool is a type of wool derived from the coats of Angora rabbits. While this luxurious fiber has come under fire in recent years due to t...
Ikat is a particular fabric pattern that is achieved with a process called resist dyeing, in which various techniques are used to make certain ...
Lace is a delicate, weblike fabric that textile producers can manufacture using a wide range of techniques. Varying significantly in complexity...

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Zarrin Baft Alborz Company started its operations in 1980 under the name of Abroghavi Factory with the aim of producing woven fabrics, mosquito nets, and decorative items. Then, in 1991, it expanded its activities by acquiring Zarrin Factory, in 2007 by acquiring Parsa Baft Zagros, and finally in 2009 by acquiring Neghin Baft Factory.