Zarrin Baft Alborz is a leading manufacturing company in the field of textile.Our factory is one of the main tulle factories in Iran and we export our products to many countries such as turkey,Greece,Russia , Azerbaijan and ...We have many kinds of tulle,Decoration Tulle , Mosquito nets, Packing tulle, Ribbons, Cloths, Curtain and Other-sin various colors and sizes with high quality.

Zarrin Baft Alborz

Zarin Baft Alborz was established in 1980, with the factory name Abarghooei which aimed producing different tulle fabrics, mosquito net & decoration tulle. Then the company bought Zarrin Co in 1991 and Parsa Baft Zagros in 2007 and finally added Negin Baft Factory to its production line. During these years with the help of using advanced machinery and professional group of staff the company has worked in a vast variance of quality, color and dimension. With the use of the best raw materials and modern facilities, Zarrin Baft has a full line of production including Spinning, Ketene, Rachel, Jacuard, Weaving, Dyeing and Finish. The company has color and resin laboratories in separate halls in Abbas Abad industrial town in around 6200 meters area. Moreover Zarrin Baft is the only fabric knitting and dyeing factory equipped with resin (Sizing) and the cardboard tube production machines. Cloth production capacity of the company is more than a thousand ton, resin (Sizing) three thousands each year and five thousand pieces a day. Following the ongoing efforts, the company is the first manufacturer that was successful in obtaining ISO 9001: 2008 Certification in the textile industry of the country. The main products include: decorative nets, mosquito nets, bridal and evening wear tulle, packing tulle, flag fabrics and ribbons, cardboard tube and resin(Sizing). In addition to meeting domestic needs of customers, Zarrin Baft Alborz exports its production to countries like : Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ukraine, Iraq, South Africa, Czech Republic and Armenia.

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Dyeing Section

This Factory has a special section for dyeing according to world standards , under supervision of the specialized engineers according to international standards.

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